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Smithberg Wealth is an independent wealth advisory firm, committed to helping clients better manage the financial decisions that impact their lifestyles, their long-term goals, and ultimately, their legacies.

If you’re looking for an advisory team to help you navigate a steady course during uncertain times and give you the insights and confidence to make effective financial decisions, we invite you to call on the Smithberg Group today.

Our commitment to our clients is equaled by our knowledge, responsiveness and integrity.

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Who we are

Smithberg Wealth is led by Roger Smithberg, CFP®, CIMA, and Scott A. Schmidt, CFP®, two experienced advisors who are always eager to help our clients find solutions for their challenges. We emphasize knowledge as the foundation of our service because of our strong belief that, together, experience, education, and insight enhance the objective advice we deliver to our clients.

We provide comprehensive and effective wealth management services because we deploy deep, wide, multidisciplinary expertise as we collaborate with our clients to help them pursue their financial goals.

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Our Services Offerings

As fiduciaries, we are bound to place our clients’ best interests above all others. As an independent firm, we answer to no corporate owner and are neither restricted to working with designated service providers nor influenced in any way to make particular recommendations. Our clients are our only concern.


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Serving Our Clients

To deepen our client relationships and bolster our role as their trusted advisors, we prioritize service, ensuring a dependable responsiveness and the personal attention expected from a partner-driven boutique.

We work with a wide range of clients including:

Heads of multigenerational families

Concerned about loved ones in various stages of life

On their own for the first time

Divorced or widowed individuals

Executives, professionals and entrepreneurs

Thinking about the road to retirement

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Smithberg Wealth is a team of experienced, knowledgeable advisors with the credentials, competence and confidence to simplify the complications of your wealth and help you take the right approach to optimizing your financial well-being.

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